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Our client is looking for an Estate Manager to in Bath provide a professional comprehensive high-profile service for the owners on behalf of the managing agents and to supervise both staff and contractors in maintaining high standards.
At all times to present a friendly, helpful, courteous, and approachable image to promote good communications between all parties and all those with whom the Estate Manager has to deal when carrying out the management duties.
1.1       Ensure that the core time of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is observed as being the main office hours on Monday to Friday each week during which time the office shall remain open and occupied save when a presence is needed elsewhere in the building (when the communication device shall be carried if available), or in exceptional circumstances requiring confidentiality or during the regular lunch time break between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm.  If contractors are on site, not to leave the development until they have finished or a responsible owner is notified.  When leaving at the end of the day ensure that the building is secure and that communal doors and windows have not been left open.
1.2 Provide a regular hour each day between 10.30 am and 11.30 am when the Estate Manager will be in the office for receiving owners’ enquiries and queries.
1.3 When on duty be alert to the needs of each owner and take appropriate action to ensure any reasonable support required is made available, including giving general assistance in cases of accident or illness until the emergency, statutory, voluntary service or relatives are able to assist and respond, ensuring next of kin are informed of any problems where appropriate.
1.4 Answer the front door to take in deliveries for the development or owners, arranging that any parcels remaining at reception after 24 hours are conveyed to the door of the relevant apartment.
1.5 Maintain a daily diary and the accident book and record in an open diary which is kept for owners to complete, records of faults and minor repairs and the dates on which contractors attend or work is completed.  Details should be included of any individual action taken for rectification.
1.6 Assist in the welcoming and ‘settling in’ process for new owners and notify The Empire Bath Right to Manage Company (RTM) Directors of new arrivals.
1.7 If the Assisted Living Service is offered co-ordinate the facility, supervise the staff carrying out the service, account for the hours employed and invoice owners.
1.8 Supervise the dining room facility and foster good relations with the catering staff.
1.9 Check all fire, safety, and alarm equipment as appropriate and carry out regular fire tests and record regular routine maintenance inspections.
1.10 Ensure that operations carried out under your control are conducted without detriment to health and safety and that risk assessments have been carried out and are up to date.
1.11 Set authorised action plans for remedial works ensuring that these are a priority enabling an efficient and cost-effective resolution.
1.12 Be responsible for security and standards. Make a daily tour the development to ensure that the building is secure and that facilities in general are in order. Encourage general security awareness from the owners and staff. Make a tour of the building at the end of the working day to confirm general security. Never leave windows or outside doors open when not under the direct control or visibility of the Estate Manager. Before leaving on Fridays check that all communal washing facilities and the photocopier have adequate supplies.
1.13 Immediate notification must be given to the Senior Property Manager responsible for the Empire at the managing agents, and the nominated Directors of the RTM Company if the key safe number is changed. Acknowledgment from that Senior Property Manager is required.
1.14 Instruct owners in the use of the alarm call system and ensure all owners are fully aware of the procedures in the event of a fire or emergency.
1.15 Maintain a Guest Suite Diary advising of the availability to owners. Supervise and administer the housekeeping and accounts for this facility, banking payments in a timely way.
1.16 Be responsible for the accuracy and security of the petty cash float and any other monies on behalf of the development e.g. guest suite income/any assisted living income/coffee etc.
1.17 Authorise and code for payment all invoices relating to day-to-day management matters within authorised financial limits and budget provisions.
1.18 Maintain and keep up to date the confidential records of each owner and immediately notify the Senior Property Manager of any changes.
1.19 Visit owners with special needs on a regular basis, should this be requested and be reasonable.
1.20 Carry out a yearly audit within Health and Safety requirements.
1.21 Foster good relations with the RTM Company and the Empire Owners’ Association (EOA) in order to maintain good channels of communication regarding the running of the development. Attend their meetings if invited to do so.
1.22 Liaise with the Senior Property Manager and other Head Office managers from the managing agents for the efficient running of the development and advertise their visiting dates. Arrange any appointments required by owners for their visit.
1.23 Keep the Owners’ Lounge and Dining Room presentable.  Arrange furniture for meetings as required and replace the same after use.
1.24 Assist as appropriate where properties are being re-sold including, if asked, advising prospective purchasers about life at The Empire and introducing them to owners who are on site.
1.25 Monitor the use of car spaces on the forecourt and encourage all owners to book spaces via you. Make sure that all owners, visitors and contractors are aware that only spaces 1, 4 and 7 are available for communal use.
1.26 Maintain the non-smoking policy in the common parts.
1.27 Ensure that all owners are aware of the need for security, that no unannounced visitors other than the regular trades people gain access to the building, that all confidential information is kept secure.
1.28 Inform the Senior Property Manager and the RTM Directors of all breaches of rules and regulations as contained within the lease and any changes in ownership.
Salary - Basic of £30k
For more information please contact Georgia on 07943 114 244