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Using the Christmas holiday to boost your career


By recruitment expert and AMR Regional Director Chris Oliver

The end of one year and beginning of the next is often a time for reflection and, for many, that means looking at how they can improve their career.

However, it’s a common misconception that just because the Christmas holidays are coming up, it’s not a good time to job search.  Organisations that have vacancies don’t put their search on hold just because it’s Christmas, so because you are likely to have some free time over the festive period, it is a good chance to kick-start your own search.

Update your CV

Your CV will generally be the first communication that a future employer will have from you, so ensuring that it is fully up to date and includes all the relevant information about you is vitally important. Think about what you have done over the past year, what new experiences you have gained and courses you have completed.

In addition, check and double check for typos, these really do put potential employers off in an instant!

Think ahead

Think about the career path that you want to pursue, and investigate the key qualities which are needed.  Are there any vital skills that you can improve on? For example, to ensure that you stick out above other candidates, you could add your communication or leadership qualities. 

Work experience

If you are looking to start a career in a new industry, work experience can be vital.  Employers do look favourably at candidates who have taken the initiative to gain new skills and experience, so use the time wisely to research potential work experience opportunities.

What is going on in the industry?

We can all be bogged down in the daily grind sometimes and miss what is really happening in the industry that we are employed in.  It is not only prudent to look at recent developments in an industry that you would like to pursue a career in, but for those who wish to develop their career at their present company, being commercially aware will show your managers how dedicated you are.

Cleanse your social media profiles

More and more employers are looking at social media profiles of candidates prior to interviews.  If you are going to be applying for new roles, use the Christmas Holidays to ‘cleanse’ your profiles to ensure that future employers do not get a negative impression of you prior to interview.

Enjoy the break!

Finally, don’t forget it is the Christmas holiday, so relax a little and enjoy spending time with loved ones – you’ve earned it!

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