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Using a recruitment agency or going it alone


By recruitment expert and AMR Regional Director Fran Kent

Looking for a new job can become an arduous task. There are now so many online outlets that just the searching, rewriting your covering letter and sending your CV can become a full-time job in itself.

Then add into that the following up of applications to ensure they have been received, and it can seem like a never-ending chore. 

However, using the right recruitment agency can take the stress out of your job search and make the whole process a lot easier.

What does a recruitment agency do?

The job of a recruitment agency is to liaise between the employer and the jobseeker to bring the two together, and the process has many benefits for both parties.  For the jobseeker, it takes away the hassle of searching and checking through websites on a weekly basis, as the recruitment agent will already have details of the positions that their clients have available.

However, make sure you pick the right agency.  Your agent should be in regular contact with you. They already have your CV so they should ring you when a suitable position arises.


Once you’ve met with your agent and discussed where you want your career to go, it will be down to them to contact companies who have vacancies on your behalf, as well as arrange interviews, so you don’t have to.  They will also ask for feedback if you are unsuccessful, which will be passed on to you to consider for future interviews.

Remember, in effect, your recruitment agent is working for you, so if they contact you about a vacant position that is not something you are interested in, don’t be afraid to say it’s not right for you.

Wider choice

As a recruitment agency will deal with a number of different clients who have available positions that may not be advertised to the general public, you can often find jobs that you won’t see anywhere else.

In addition, if you are looking for a job in one particular industry it may be worth signing up with a specialist agency, as they will have excellent contacts and knowledge about that industry.

Expert knowledge

Your recruitment consultant is an expert and using their knowledge and experience can give you an edge over other candidates.  As they work closely with their clients, they may be able to give you additional information about an organisation.  They should also be able to provide you with interview techniques to ensure that you show yourself at your best.

The first contact that an organisation will have with you is your CV, and your agent will be able to help to ensure that it highlights your key skills in a very favourable light.

If you are looking for a new challenge in the property or finance industries, contact AMR Recruitment on 0800 244044.

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