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The benefits of using a LinkedIn group in your job search

By recruitment expert and AMR Regional Director Mike Spencer

It’s widely accepted that social networking is an increasingly powerful tool for both job seekers and recruiters.  LinkedIn is an especially valuable networking platform and in this article I’d like to outline the very tangible benefits that being part of a LinkedIn group can bring.   

Every job candidate wants to stand out from the competition in order to maximise their chances of success and being pro-active in your job search, rather than hoping that a recruitment agency may happen to come across your profile, will reap definite benefits.

Job-seekers who join industry-specific LinkedIn groups can network, gain advice and view the job postings for group members.  Enlarging your network in this way means improving your visibility — which in turn increases the opportunity of being spotted by a recruitment organisation.

Of course it doesn’t have to be just one group; LinkedIn members may join several (the maximum set by LinkedIn is 50). As well as recruitment agencies, job-seekers also join groups of companies or organisations for whom they would like to work. 

Here at AMR our LinkedIn group (which you can find by searching LinkedIn’s groups for AMR Recruitment – Property and Finance Recruitment Experts) enables industry professionals in property and finance to network, comment and discuss topics in these fields.

How else can being part of a LinkedIn group help you?

Advantages of group membership include being able to access all the members of any group which you have joined as well as access to each group’s ‘Jobs’ tab – which is different to the ‘Jobs’ tab on the LinkedIn pages.

Here are 5 top tips to maximise your membership of LinkedIn groups:

· It’s not enough just to join relevant groups, whether they are recruitment agencies or companies and organisations for whom you would like to work; first of all be sure to follow them to receive their updates

· Participation and interaction are essential to raise your visibility, so join in discussions and prove that you are an up-to-date professional

· Share your knowledge of new developments and trends in your field

· Comment on other group members’ input or offer advice when you have something worthwhile and relevant to say

·Start group discussions that others will find interesting and which they will want to comment on

It’s important to remember that group membership is about building relationships as well as learning.  Being seen as someone who contributes and helps others can only enhance your personal brand and maximise your chances of success as recruitment consultants network using these groups.

Finally, it goes without saying that your own LinkedIn Profile should be clear, up-to-date and 100% professional in content.  Make sure you highlight your relevant skills, training and accomplishments and gather recommendations.  

If you are looking for a new challenge or promotion in the property or finance industries, contact AMR Recruitment on 0800 244044.

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