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Improving job satisfaction: How to get more out of your job


By recruitment expert Fran Kent

The average person working 40 hours a week spends over 30 per cent of their life working, so it’s important that we find our time at work enjoyable. An important step towards enjoying our work is achieving job satisfaction.

Having a good relationship with your employer can be one of the most important things to help achieve job satisfaction, but it’s also important to believe in what the company is trying to achieve. No job will be satisfying if you don’t believe in your work or the company’s goals. If you enjoy your work, then job satisfaction is much easier to achieve.

1.    Point out improvements:

It’s also useful to work with your employers to help them to better any areas that you think could be improved. This could be anything from streamlining a particular process to improving productivity, either in your individual work, or throughout the entire company. Suggesting areas of improvement to your boss will not only win you brownie points, but, if implemented, will also boost a sense of satisfaction by making your work easier, and cementing your place as part of the team. You might even end up with a promotion!

2.    Improve your skills:

Making the most of opportunities such as training courses can help to boost your skillset, your self-esteem and your sense of worth in the workplace. It’s also useful to set yourself personal goals to work towards. For example, do you want to improve your computer skills, and is there a way in which your employer can help you to do so? It can be worthwhile suggesting training schemes which might benefit both yourself as in individual, and the whole team. Prepare a short proposal for your employer on what the training is, how much it will cost, and what the benefits will be.

3.    Take a lunch break

It sounds obvious, but the importance of taking a lunch break to refresh your mind and boost productivity can’t be stressed enough. It’s amazing how many people don’t take a lunch break and stay at their desk all day, which can lead to flagging energy levels come 3pm.

4.    Build relationships with your colleagues

It’s important to have a good relationship with your team members, because conflict in the workplace is not conducive to job satisfaction.

Exchanging ideas and experiences with your colleagues is always a good way to build relationships, and other good ways to build rapport are:

·         Adopting a positive attitude

·         Listening to others

·         Truthfulness and honesty

·         Respecting diversity

·         Showing an interest in them

·         Getting involved outside of company time

Our recent blog post “How does being a team player help you to find a job?” has some handy tips on how to build rapport with your co-workers:

For more tips on developing your career skills, visit AMR Recruitment’s online resources page:

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