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Christmas work parties and how to make them work for you

By AMR recruitment expert Donna Flynn It’s December, which means that the Christmas party season is now upon us again.  However, the festive season is not only about celebrating with friends and family, but it is also a time when you... more

New Pension Laws – what does it mean for you as an employee?

By AMR recruitment expert Kellie Wright For the last few months the media has been awash with information regarding the new Workplace Pensions movement – you may have seen TV ads with employees declaring “We’re all in”.  If... more

Gender diversity in the work place makes compelling business sense

By AMR recruitment expert Alexis Mead “To ensure that corporate culture supports, not hinders, the ability of women to reach top management, companies must address mind-sets and develop a more inclusive, holistic diversity agenda.”... more

LinkedIn etiquette: how to behave properly on the professional networking site

By AMR recruitment expert Charlotte Gowers   LinkedIn hit the headlines recently, when a controversial story broke in relation to a 27 year old female barrister who made public a comment – which she deemed to be sexist, “unacceptable... more

Dressing for success – interview and starting a new job

By AMR recruitment expert Nick Silverstone We all know that first impressions really do count, and this is especially significant when attending a job interview or starting a brand new job. It is crucial to dress and present yourself in a smart... more

Tips for hitting targets – and what to do if you don’t

By AMR recruitment expert Annie Boughton Targets are an essential part of most businesses – without them it is hard to monitor progress and performance or address areas that need improvement. The structures they provide ensure that employer’s... more

Dealing with members of the public

By AMR recruitment expert Donna Flynn No matter the nature of your role, workplace culture or organisation, dealing with members of the public is inevitable, and doing so in an effective and professional manner is vital for career and business... more

Does having a degree benefit your career?

By AMR recruitment expert Charlotte Gowers It’s the subject of intense debate: does having a degree set you up for life? Will higher education and a degree really benefit your career, and life in general? It is without doubt that skills... more

How to turn a bad interview around

By AMR recruitment expert Carrianne Devereux An interview is a two-way street; you navigate it as much as the person doing the interviewing. When an interview is going badly, or not as you hoped, it doesn’t have to end your chances at the... more

Personality tests: are they really any good for gauging aptitude?

By recruitment expert and AMR Regional Manager Carrianne Devereux Whilst it seems inevitable that your character will play a significant part in deciding upon a suitable occupation or career, just how useful is a personality test for gaining an... more

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