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The AMR group is possibly unique in the world of recruitment. We won’t simply ask for your CV and blanket send it to as many potential employers as possible – that’s what others do - we invite you to meet us and the individual who will become your personal recruitment advisor, face to face, and thereby to ensure that we are fully equipped to find you the ideal role.    

By familiarising ourselves with your past experience, what you like and dislike at work, where your strengths lie, and what your salary expectations are, we are then perfectly placed to give you advice about the next step in your career.  With so many years in this business, there isn’t much about the industry we don’t know.

But, unlike many recruiters, we don’t insist that you use us on a sole agency basis.  We may be confident that we can find you the perfect job, but if you want to give someone else a go too, we won’t object. We'll want you to find a role that truly suits you. Your long term employment is important to us. As your career grows, our business is likely to also.

We have over 2300 clients who use us regularly.  With such a vast pool of positions available to us, our candidates often have the pick of the crop and some of the most desirable vacancies.   

Wasting our time and yours isn’t where we’re at; we know how difficult it is to get time off from your current job to go to interviews and how much time preparing for an interview can take, so sending you to a string of time-wasting meetings does no-one any favours.  We only take your application forward with positions which match your ambitions, finding you your ideal job and in the shortest amount of time possible. 

We may be a national company, but this doesn't detract from our local knowledge. As a franchise operation, each of our consultants has in depth knowledge of the industry from a local aspect. So whether you’re applying for a job local to you, or planning on making a move elsewhere, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the "right" decision as to where to go next. 

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